Domain Name For Sale


My name is David Griffiths I own this domain name/website and it’s for sale.

You can own it for just £195 

Yes just £195. (Less than one decent camera sale)

This domain name was first registered 18 years ago and has “authority” in the eyes of Google.

Most people who sell domain names ask ridiculous prices but I just like to buy them and sell them quickly so why mess around?

No offers will be accepted it is £195 end of story.

There are 3 options for this website. Option two is that one of your competitors buys it. Option three is no one buys it and I decide to put some effort into it and get it to the top of Google for the related search terms (trust me I can do this) and run it as an Amazon affiliate site for the fun of it.

Oh I forgot to mention Option one. You buy it for £195


Email me via;

but only if you are interested.

The other domain names I own are listed here.